Tuesday, September 16, 2008


For one reason or another, the absolute yet constantly faltering confidence that Foster, or Supremo, or our narrator had in the system, headed by the Tribunal and the President made me wonder how much of this society was founded on people’s beliefs. Then somehow it appeared in the complete reverse fashion, and it seems as though their entire world was fundamentally based on fear. Fear of one another, fear of chaos, fear of uncertainty and control. Everyone’s place in the new unified world seemed dependant on or constructed from fear.
This unhinged, unrelenting, and unbound control over the populace by the government is such a wrong, unnatural reaction to a fear of human nature. People are inherently imperfect, inherently flawed (dramatically), and honestly to an extent inherently stupid. Taking the power away from them to make errors, to live without training wheels is unnatural. Telling someone their purpose in life doesn't give them purpose it just keeps them busy.
The citizens are too afraid of both the government and each other to 'deviate' from the normally unnatural lives they are stuck in. they are conditioned to fear the outsiders while that are simultaneously conditioned to think that any flaw in them will be erased along with the rest of them. Their pleasures, their fetishes are all at their fingertips, so what is it even to deviate? Their problems are never fixed they are synthetically fed. They are even too afraid to naturally satisfy their own cravings.
The outside groups, those non conformists live in fear, be it justified or not. They fear the control, the lack of freedom, the connections they need to foster with he rest of the world in order to function as a working part of it. Each group, each institution plays their roles, or stay within their bounds so as not to cross over from that fear into a reality unlike their own.

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